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How To Build a Rustic Wooden Fence

We lived with an ugly mesh-fence on our backyard for quite some time. I can't stand it anymore. We wanted wooden fence and a classic outlook so we chose a rustic design that has been very typical in the past here. Here's how a piece of this fence looks: This is...
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Is The Angle Grinder The Most Useful Tool For DIY?

When I first realized I needed an electric sander my idea was to get an orbital sander. They are easy to use, very safe, cheap, and seem to do a decent work. Don't get me wrong, it's all true. But then, having a budget for only one machine I was...
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Building and Outdoor Wooden Sink

This is not a tutorial. It's a story of how we built our outdoor wooden sink. But I promise, there are good images and enough details so you can get an idea how you can build a similar one yourself. Here is a bit of introduction. We were planning to build...
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DIY Plywood Boxes: Ikea Expedit Hack

This is a small project we built last winter. We've got two Ikea Expedit units a couple years ago. They are robust and cheap but not as practical for storing books as we initially imagined. The unit is too deep for one row of books, but not good for two....
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