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Earthbag Sheds and Other Earthbag Buildings In The Garden

People build entire homes with earthbags. Why not consider them for building an outdoor shed then? There are little to no downsides, and many advantages. Let's see: It's affordable, even frugal. Building with earthbags is a DIY project without high skill requirements. So you save from paying...
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Attached Sheds

I need quick, cheap and moderately secure storage space built in my garden as soon as possible. I need to store our bicycles - they are both currently staying in the dining room! We just moved to a new house. You know what that means. Do you have similar problems? The best...
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Metal Storage Sheds And Kits

In most of the articles in this site we discuss building a wooden shed because that's what most people are building themselves. But if you are not born "from scratch" builder and just need storage space, you may find out that metal storage sheds are better alternative for you. Why Metal...
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Vinyl Garden Sheds - How To Choose And How To Build

The vinyl garden sheds are the practical alternative to the more complex and high maintenance wood storage sheds. They usually don't look as beautiful but do exactly what they need to do and save you money and time. As everything made of plastic, the vinyl storage sheds don't rust or...
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Types Of Sheds And Barns For Your Garden

Wait: Don't buy or build your shed before reading this! You may just discover that the shed you really want is very different than what you thought about it. There are more types of sheds and barns than you can possibly imagine. So let's try to sum the most important...
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