DIY Projects: Complete Sheds

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Complete DIY Shed projects by various craftsmen. Most of the guides listed here are from hobbyists and include pictures and description of the building process.

Obviously most of these sheds are made of wood... but there are also some surprises. Check them too!

Earthbags Shed

Earthbags Shed

This is a very interesting construction made of earth bags. There is long 9 pages article describing the process.

The construction cost is said to be below $300, and it can be used also as root cellar or chicken coop.

Visit the page here. Unfortunately like many other guides by Mother Earth News is lacks pictures.


Growing Greenhouse Project

Here is a project that converts existing shed into a greenhouse for growing plants. It looks more stable than a traditional greenhouse and the project is far more involved.

Here are some details and several photos of the project.

Jana's Straw Bale Shed Project

This girl made a shed from straw bales. It seems to have taken about 10 days, and the result looks really good.

Check Jana's site here. There are pics and detailed info about how she built it.

Wood pallet shed

Wood Pallet Shed

Used wood pallets make affordable building material as they can be purchased cheap. Be warned about the risks of used wood pallets though.

The shed looks really good except that there is no foundation, just some gravel on the floor.

Check the page and the pictures here and decide yourself whether such shed will work for you.

Kevin's Shed

Lovely stuff by Kevin Brady! It's a serious work: large shed with concrete foundation, stable walls, dust collection vent system, and heater.

And there are more than hundred pictures showing the entire construction process from the beginnig to the end. Check his gallery here.

Dan's Shed

The author Dan McGrath has built this shed himself. It's a pyramid hip roof shed (learn everything about the shed types).

Dan includes a lot of pictures from his work. Here is his site.

Easy DIY Garden Shed Plans

Shed Plans by MotherEarthNews

With a lot of detailed explanation Mother Earth News guides you how to build a simple wooden shed yourself.

There is a free downloadable plan linked there. It's just one page but fairly well drawn, and the shed looks really good.

Go to the article or just download the PDF plan.

How to Build a Shed Yourself, Fast and Easy

This is around 10 minute video with fast speed.

Go here to watch the video. You'll still need to download or buy shed plans though.

How to Build a Storage Shed

A basic guide by DIY Network but has some good pictures.

The shed uses a foundation made from boards, and has a wooden frame. Here is the guide. It's good to get initial idea of how to do the things. You will need more details to actually start work.