Building a Shed? Check This Stuff!

This site is growing fast and we started covering some other topics - like barns, chicken coops etc. So I buiult this page for those who are strictly interested in building a shed. No need to look more, all the specific stuff is listed and linked right on this page:

The Most Complete Shed Types List Ever!

Screenshot Still in process of deciding what shed to build? This article will give you the best idea of the different shed types.

Read it and think well before you start building. I dare you to show me a better page explaining the different choices.

Shed Builder's Decision Tables

Screenshot Once you know roughly what kind of shed you are going to build, check out our decisions table.

You can compare the costs, durability and complexity of the different approaches to every part of the shed - the roof, the walls, the foundation, the door, and the windows.

The Big List Of Shed Plans

Ready to start working? This is the real list of sites that offer shed plans - free or paid, collections of plans etc. If you don't want to see some type of plans (for example Gazebos) simply filter them out by clicking some of the blue buttons.

Building The Shelves

Once you get your outdoor box built and standing strong you'll need to think about the interior. Not much is required but most sheds need at least some shelves. This article quickly gets straight to the point and suggests resources if you want to read more.

Building a Ramp

Shed Ramp Chart Small Here you'll find ideas for various shed ramps + nice graphic outlining the most important elements of a shed ramp.

This is an easy DIY project - even if you have bought a ready shed, you can build at least this yourself.

Attached Sheds

If your shed is attached to the house or other building (like ours), building it is quite more specific than building a standalone shed. You may save some cash of materials (one wall less at least), but often building is harder because you need to conform the speciic terrain and space.

Shed Building Masterclass

If all those things aren't enough, check out our great collection of external links covering nearly every aspect of building your shed. These are all manually selected and categorized - there's no spam or paid inclusion there.

When you are building the specific parts of the shed, check also out visual guides from the sidebar links. Anything that's not listed here you can find by using the search or through the site map.