Tools For Shed Builders and General Woodworkers

Sometimes a simple calculator or converter can save you hours of trying to calculate manually or try to find the right information online. So I have decided to put a page where we'll publish useful tools that we create for shed builders and general woodworkers.

If you are a webmaster in the shed-related or DIY niche, I have good news for you: most of the tools will be available for placing on your site for free so your audience can also benefit from them. Of course, you can always just link to the tool page instead.

Roof Pitch Calculator

Roof Pitch Calculator ThumbnailThis free roof pitch calculator will help you define the slope of your roof both as pitch number from 1 to 12 and as degrees.

Optionally it will also perform simple roof cost calculation.

You can use the calculator right on the page. If you are a webmaster, it's also a free PHP script you can download.

Materials Cost Estimator

Shed Cost Calculator ThumbnailHere is a shed cost calculator that will estimate the materials cost of building your new shed.

It assumes rectangular shed shape, so if your project is more specific you may need to break it on parts.

We have inserted some rough material prices but it's bets if you enter actual material prices obtained from local stores in your area.

Wall Framing Calculator

Pitch to Angle Calculator

Our wall framing calculator and cost estimator will help you calculate the required materials for framing a wall from inside.

It can be used for shed walls or even the walls of your house. It assuming the typical American style wall framing where you space evenly wooden studs and cover with sheets of OSB / sterling boards or plywoods. You can apply the calculations for framing walls with pasterboard as well.

You can also calculate an angled wall - for example in attics etc, as long as you know the bevel angle.

Pitch to Angle Calculator

Pitch to Angle CalculatorAnd this is a pitch to angle calculator that helps you figure out multiple dimensions of a triangle based on triangle's base and pitch. It's very useful for shed roof calculations: you can figure out the pitch and pitch height based on the base and angle and vise-versus: changing the pitch will change the angle accordingly.

The roof pitch should be between 1 and 12 and the roof angle can't be sharper than 45° for obvious reasons. The diagram below will redraw automatically when you change any of the values in the form.

If you have any ideas about tools you want to see here, don't hesitate to mail me!