Choosing The Right Material For Your Shed

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Are you ready to build your outdoor storage shed?
Don't hurry to buy plans or kits, you need to plan your work first.

What kind of shed you want to create?
Depending on the material, most sheds are made of wood, plastic or metal.
You may also hear about vinyl, cedar or coated sheds, but for now you just need to know the characteristics of the most popular materials:

Wooden Sheds

The wood is beautiful and sustainable material.
The sheds build of wood can withstand strong winds and severe weather conditions.

There are some disadvantages of course: the wood can be attacked by thermits, it has a tendency to rot with long exposure to water and gets burned if exposed to fire.
All of these issues can be avoided with proper treating, but this of course increases the cost of the shed.

Metal Sheds

Most metal storage sheds are made of galvanized steel with a double baked-on polyester enamel finish. They are very solid and have long life. They are rot, weather and rodent proof and of course completely fire proof.

Usually the main metal shed's disadvantage is its tendency to rust, but this can be avoided with proper treating.

Often the metal storage sheds are cheaper than those made of wood. So if you wonder how to build your shed on the cheap, metal may be the answer.

Plastic Sheds

The plastic sheds do not need any maintenance.
They don't rust or rot and are very easy to clean or paint. The plastic sheds are light and easy to construct.

The plastic sheds however are usually more expensive than the metal and even the wood sheds.

The choice you are going to make depends on your pocket and the different material characteristics.
I would probably go for a plastic or metal shed, but you may prefer the cozy feeling that the wood gives.

In the next part we will discuss the location of your shed.
Until then think about the material and see if some of the kits given above won't suit your needs.
Using a kit is the fastest and most flexible way to build your storage shed.

You can find all kind of sheds and shed kits at
the famous Betty Mills Store - it's the hugest selection you'll ever see and the prices/quality ratio is really good.

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