Choosing Your Storage Shed Location

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Did you decide on the material for building your shed?
At this time it might be a good idea to already purchase your kit or shed construction plans. I'll let you know later in this lesson how to do it.

Just before that, please spend some more time thinking.
Where is your shed going to be placed?
If you just put it somewhere without proper checking your place first you may regret later. I've seen people who place their sheds over important utility lines (water, phone, gas, internet). If one of the lines needs to be repaired, their shed will have to be moved out.

Check with your local utility companies where the lines pass through.

Think about where you want to see your storage shed from your house. You are going to build a beautiful shed, so you won't mind seeing it. But it should not hide your house from the street or the most beautiful views from your window.

Probably the most important thing to consider when picking a location is the sunlight and the water fall. Is there water collecting on certain places when it rains? Such places won't be good for your shed, especially if it will be a wooden one.

A lot of sunlight could be good, depending on what you are going to store in it. If you want to keep your bicycle in a metal shed, better consider a shady place.

Usually views facing South and West bring in the most sunlight. So it's a good idea to build a shed whose windows are on the South side.

Finally before going further, call your local building and zoning department to get a permit for building a storage shed if such is needed.

At this point you can go further a purchase your plans or kit so you don't have to wait for them to be delivered.
It's good to be ready when this course is over (and that will be very soon!).

If you decide to go ahead with a kit (much better option, although it may seem more expensive at first view), I can recommend only the Betty Mills Store - a huge variety, excellent quality and fair prices.

If you feel capable of doing it all yourself (It is fun! But you need to have plenty of time), go ahead and purchase Shed Plans instantly delivered to you. Considering how cheap they are you can purchase several different plans anyway just so you can get better idea what is all about.

Sorry, the lesson was long this time ;-) If you are really enthusiastic, I'll tell you how to work the things out with just a shed plan in the next part of the course.

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