Metal Storage Sheds And Kits

In most of the articles in this site we discuss building a wooden shed because that's what most people are building themselves. But if you are not born "from scratch" builder and just need storage space, you may find out that metal storage sheds are better alternative for you.

Why Metal Storage Sheds Can Be Better

Metal storage sheds can do their "work" - to store things - just as good as the wooden sheds. Unless you are planning to store food or other temperature sensitive stuff (because metal sheds are better conductors), they can be exactly as useful as the wooden ones.

Ok, so we agree in most cases they are not worse. But there are even some advantages:

  • They are easier to install. Metal storage sheds don't need foundations, you can simply dropn them in the backyard. Sometimes they can be dug few inches into the ground, but that's about all. The whole hassle of building a shed foundations is gone.

  • Metal storage sheds are cheap. The cost of a steel shed can be about the half of the cost of a similar sized wooden or vinyl garden shed.

  • They can be used indoor. There is an entire category of steel sheds for indoor usage, which is not typical for wooden sheds.

The affordable price and easy installation are the main reasons for people to choose metal outdoor sheds instead of wooden or vinyl ones.

How To Obtain A Metal Storage Shed

If you are in the group of people who choose to get a metal storage shed, you may be asking yourself where you can get one.

Obviously the most straightforward solution is to buy a ready assembled metal shed. You won't even need to pay for installation because it just needs to be dropped somewhere - so there is no work involved if you choose this option.

Good metal storage sheds can be bough from your local store or factory, or can be purchased online. The prices start from $100 - $200 and rarely exceed $900 except for very large sheds. You can purchase great steel or aluminium sheds at the Betty Mills store or at Amazon.

Alternatively you can purchase a custom made steel shed from a forge near you. This way you will be sure that you are getting exactly the design of shed you want. Most probably it will cost you more however and there is no guarantee the quality will be as good as the quality of factory sheds.

Metal Storage Shed Kits

One excellent option is to build your shed by using a kit. Storage shed kits are very popular among the wooden shed builders, but it's possible to build a metal shed from kit as well.

Building a shed from such a kit requires some basic tools like turnscrew, metal hammer and eventually a file to grind the joining areas. Building is not supposed to take more than a day even if you are not experienced with metal working.

Unfortunately metal shed kits are not that popular and it's possible that your only option to find one will be to search online. There are many web stores like this one where you can buy such a kit few bucks cheaper than the price of the same shed assembled.

The advantage of buying a metal storage shed kit lies in the lower transportation costs and the enjoyment to do a little bit of assembling yourself.

When buying a steel shed kit ensure that it includes a detailed assembling manual. Good luck!

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