Big and Up To Date List Of Shed Plans

Unlike many other shed plans collections that are full of dead links or ads, here each resource is selected by hand. I checked every plan and made sure it's good and the link works. We have focused mostly on free plans but also giving links to few commercial sites as their plans are of good quality.

Feel free to filter by the tags below so you can see only the plans that interest you. We have included not only sheds, but also barns, greenhouses, earthbag sheds, root cellar plans and more outdoor buildings that may be useful for the homesteader.


Free Collection Other Buildings

MyBackyardPlans provides free plans for building gable and gambrel shed plus links to other free shed plans. On the site you'll find also plans for other garden projects - arbours, gazebos, pergolas and so on.


9 x 13-ft. shed from Popular Mechanics. It's a guide with pictures and a plan in jpg format. Their shed came a bit pricey - $2,400 for materials.

Free Collection

10 Free Shed Plans is a collection from Some of the plans they share were also shared above.

Free Collection Paid

Regular Shed Plans by JustSheds. The title is a bit misleading - it says free, but only one of the plans is free - click on the picture at right. The others are paid and not very cheap. They are nice though.


Easy DIY Garden Shed Plans by MotherEarthNews. They give lots of text as usual, but don't worry there is a link to PDF plans inside the text. It's a shed with a deck-pier based foundation.


12' x 18' Basic Shed (PDF). This is simple but really beautifully drawn plan for a small shed. It's one of the most detailed shed plans you can find for free out there.


24' Frame Utility Building (PDF). These plans are unfortunately black and white and incomplete. The building is quite interesting however so maybe you can try to make up the missing parts yourself.

Free Collection

Framing and Utility Plans - here's a good bunch of free plans in PDF format. These are mostly for barns and other larger agricultural buildings.


Free shed plan - this one is rather basic, spread in several PDF files for each side of the shed.

Free Barn

Barn plans. Here are a couple of horse barn plans given for free and with pretty good details.

Free Collection Other Buildings

Various plans. There are several very old-looking and fairly romantic plans - for corrals, feeding shed, hay barn, and more.

Free Other Buildings

Small Root Cellar - this is a very good plan for building a small root cellar for storing things like carrots, beets, potatoes, winter squash and so on.

Free Other Buildings

Earthbag Root Cellar. Here's another root cellar building, this time with earthbags. They have used stones too.

Free Other Buildings

A nice little woodshed built over a weekend. It has an open front so you wouldn't want to store expensive items inside.

Free Collection Other Buildings Gazebo

Free Gazebo Plans is a list collection of several gazebo plans and guides. Gazebos are easy to build so you can even start with gazebo project if you are not ready for DIY shed.

Free Collection Other Buildings Gazebo

How To Build A Gazebo Or Pavilion - 12 Free Plans - and here are some more gazebo plans, again free.

Free Other Buildings

Free Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Wood Plans is an excellent two-parts guide to build an outdoor kitchen pavilion. Great idea for the warm months.

Free Other Buildings

Solar Shed - Shed and Collector Wall. This is one of my favorite DIY projects ever although we have not gotten to work on such thing yet. It's a shed with a solar heat collectors that can be used to heat the shed itself or even your home (using pipes).

Free Greenhouse

And here is one Greenhouse plan - it's a typical greenhouse presented in good detail. There is PDF print-friendly version available too.

Free Greenhouse Other Buildings

Greenhouse & Storage Building (PDF). This plane is a great idea - greenhouse and storage all in one. The quality of the plans isn't very good but skillful hands will manage with it. The idea is great.

Free Greenhouse

Arched Greenhouse (PDF). Build a standard arched greenhouse (hoop house) with plastic pipes. Here is another very similar one (PDF).

Free Greenhouse

Two Layer Polyethylene Greenhouse. This one is available as PDF downloads in English and Metric variants.

Collection Paid

This Storage shed plans collection offers some of the best paid plans. Their prices are between $15 and $20 and they have barn sheds, gable and gambrel sheds, hip roof cabanas, gazebos and more.


On this page there are a couple of really cheap downloadable plans for gable and gambrel shed with loft.

Paid Collection

Here are some cute plans, albeit mostly simple, priced around the same range of $15 - $20.

Paid Collection Barn

Barns, Barns, Barns. I loved this site. We don't need a barn here but these buildings look so sexy that I would build one, if we had the space. The first plan you buy from them comes a bit expensive - $60, but if you plan to buy more, the next ones are just $12 each.

Paid Collection Other Buildings

Earthbag Building Plans. These are a bit pricey - $200 - $300 for most. The plans are for whole earthbag houses but can possibly be used for earthbag sheds as well. Lower-defail versions are available for free right on the pages.

Paid Other Buildings

The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes - Yes, it's a paper book with plans inside. I could not resist sharing it: if you are looking to build a root cellar, this is perhaps the best thing $17 can buy.

You May Want To Know More About...

As you have noticed, the plans here are not only for sheds. So besides using the plans you may want to know a bit more about the other small outdoor buildings. We are going to write about them soon. Till then, here's just some short info:

  • Barns are buildings to store hay, straw or some agriculture produce from your property. Horse barns are for horses. Expect a whole section of barns soon on our site.
  • Gazebos are simple garden structures where you can take rest and drink tea. Building a gazebo is good project to start with especially if you don't feel confident in buildign a garden shed yet.
  • Greenhouses are used to extend your gardening season. While building a greenhouse is relatively a simple thing, greenhouses themselves are quite a large matter. You can start learning about them at Wikipedia.

It's a pity we couldn't find any good steel shed plans. It's not that hard to work with steel angles and sheets if you have the right tools. And a steel shed can often be more appropriate and cheaper than wooden one. I guess we'll have to work on some steel plans ourselves! Stay tuned.

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