39 Fabulous-Looking Barns

It's finally time to talk about barns! Or let's not start with talking so much. A section about barns is coming soon, but till then why not enjoy some pictures? I have selected 39 amazing barn photos below, and have given some comments where I could add something useful.

As all the pictures are hosted on Flickr, feel free to click on any image so you can see it larger (there is a magnifier on the Flickr page of each image).

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1. Old barn, rural Ohio

Old barn, rural Ohio

Most of the barns in the USA seem to be in such condition. Great for pictures, not so great for using.

2. Old abandoned barn

Old abandoned barn

A combination of gable roof + shed roof. See here about roof types.

3. Tobacco barn in Cuba

Tobacco barn in Cuba

Barns like this one are still used to dry tobacco leaves and make the famous Havana cigars.

4. Wooden barn in North Carolina

Wooden barn in North Carolina

What I find most interesting here is the pile on foundation. If this was built here in Europe they would dig the ground to level it and then lay out concrete slab.

5. Classic family barn

Classic family barn

This is more than hundreds years old. Yeah, maybe taking photos of barns is cliche but I can watch ones like this for hours.

6. Dutch farmers' barn in Michigan

Dutch farmers' barn in Michigan

Michigan is full of old barns. I found tens of excellent images from there.

7. Old wooden barn

Old wooden barn

I don't know how is this roof type called - it's kind of gable roof but goes all the way to the ground.

8. Barn in Iceland

Barn in Iceland

Not much to say here except that I love this type of barns.

9. A couple of barns near Cayuga Lake

A couple of barns near Cayuga Lake

Finally a couple of barns that seem to be in use. Here you see the typical "barn-style" (or gambrel) roof that's often used in outdoor sheds too.

10. Raised roof barn

Raised roof barn

Such raised roofs are usually built for horse barns.

11. North Dakota barn

North Dakota barn

Here's a combination of raised gambrel roof and shed roof. Good that the photographer caught this on camera before it was deconstructed.

12. Gable roof barn built with bricks

Gable barn built with bricks

This barn is strong enough to survive another hundreds or so years.

13. German style barn

German style barn

These are similar to Dutch barns but usually more rectangular. Excellent photo catching also the smaller shed near the barn.

14. Boulder River Valley barn

Boulder River Valley barn

It's not just the building, the wooden fence is lovely too.

15. Boulder River Valley barn

A barn in rural Michigan

And this photo is just impressive. The barn itself is rather old typical gambrel roof, and best of all it's still used.

16. Round barn in Indiana

Round barn in Indiana

Octagonal round barns aren't particularly popular so it's good to take snaps why they still exist.

17. Beautiful old one in Michigan

Beautiful old one in Michigan

A beautiful gambrel barn with attached half-gambrel, and small shed next to them. Great family of buildings.

18. Coxwell barn in England

Coxwell barn in England

Nice photo of the Great Coxwell Barn

19. Traditional Swiss barn

Traditional Swiss barn

This one has really interesting roof. Too bad the photo hasn't caught the entire building.

20. Old stone barn

Old stone barn

Stone buildings can survice centuries. Only the roof tiles will need replacement more often.

21. Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn

Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn

There is interesting story behind these barns. See the link in the author's comment on the Flickr page to learn more.

22. Old barn in Berkshire, N.Y.

Old barn in Berkshire, N.Y.

This is a really old gambrel roof building. I think it's a horse barn - you can see the horse cells inside.

23. Yet another one in Michigan

Yet another one in Michigan

I told you, Michigan has a lot of barns.

24. Stone barn in Dornoch, UK

Stone barn in Dornoch, UK

They seem to like this type of stone construction in the UK. I'm not sure what's the reason. Maybe the rainy weather decays the wooden barns too fast.

25. Polish stone barn

Polish stone barn

Here's another one made of stones, this time in Poland.

26. Stone barn in Shackleton

Stone barn in Shackleton

More power to the stones...

27. Iowa round barn

Iowa round barn

Here's a nice round barn made of bricks.

28. Red barn

Red barn

I included this photo because of the very interesting roof. It's like a gable roof but is intentionally curved to cover larger area.

29. Abandoned one in New England

Abandoned one in New England

This one looks almost like a house with windows on the two floors. Although I am not sure there are really floors inside.

30. At Old Turnpike Rd. Tewksbury

At Old Turnpike Rd. Tewksbury

This is a really catchy photo especially with the grain silo at left.

31. 150 years old barns

150 years old barns

These look really good for 150 years old buildings. I guess they have been repaired during the years.

32. Healdsburg Barn

Healdsburg Barn

And this one is like a drawing, really nice effect.

33. Barn in Ladysmith, VA

Barn in Ladysmith, VA

This brick building with gambrel roof is able to store large amounts of food and fodder. It looks like it's still used.

34. At Sroty County, Iowa

At Sroty County, Iowa

How many years before this one is also lost? Thank the photograhper for keeping it on picture.

35. At Sroty County, Iowa

At Sroty County, Iowa

Another impressive vintage barn.

36. Near Piketon, Ohio

Near Piketon, Ohio

Again a lovely round roof barn, and again unfortunately abandoned.

37. Red barn in Florida

Red barn in Florida

Great raised roof barn with a bit more complex constrcution.

38. Antique barn in Massachusetts

Antique barn in Massachusetts

Looks in rather good condition and still usable.

39. Tithe Barn, Vicar's Court, Lincoln

Tithe Barn, Vicar's Court, Lincoln

The interesting story of this barn is shared by the photographer, so clik on the picture to visit the Flickr page and read it there.

While enjoying these 39 barn pictures, stay tuned for the upcoming section: how to build a barn, why you may need one, is it possible to find ready barns and so on. The easiest way not to miss this stuff is to subscribe to our newsletter.

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