Welcome to the Shed Building Course

I am happy to hear that you want to know how to build a shed yourself.

This will be an exciting venture.

The sheds are simple constructions, but if you have no experience in building such things you may find the process of doing everything yourself a bit overwhelming. The problem is that you need someone to help you to go through the different phases - deciding on the shed location, type, materials, selecting the right plans or kit.

This short guide aims to be your leading hand and serve as a basic introduction. Once you have gone through it, you will find interesting to read the other more specific and broad guides on this site.

Then you may decide to use a shed kit or to go entirely on your own just by downloading a construction plan.

There are several main steps you need to take if you want to create a really good storage shed:

1. Choosing the right material

2. Choose your shed location

3. Obtain storage shed plans


3. Obtain a shed kit (you'll be done much faster and easier for about the same price!)

4. Actually build the shed

This mini e-course will cover all this in just seven articles.

You can now continue to the next part.

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