How To Move A Shed

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In This Article:

- The reasons to move your shed

- Prepare the shed for movement

- Moving your shed using long pipes

- Moving the shed with a vehicle

Imagine you have built the beautiful shed you dream about just to discover the first rainy day that there is a huge water drainage going exactly through its place. Or worse, what will you do if you have invested hundred bucks and few weeks in building a great wooden building using only shed building plans and the circumstances force you to move to a new home?

In both situations you will not want to leave your shed where it is, would you? Don't worry, you don't have to. Just learn how to move a shed and your lovely building will be salvaged.

Preparation To Move Your Shed

Before going to move your garden shed, make sure it is strenghten well and there are no broken parts. If there are any holes or cracks they may cause big damages during transportation.

Depending on where you are going to move the shed you will need some tools and a vehicle. If the new location is within your existing yard - because of drainage or sunlight problem, new landscape ideas or something else - then you may eventually need no vehicle (read about the pipes method below).

For sure you will need a jack - maybe even two, a spade, a rope and planks or pipes.

Before moving the shed you need to uplift it few inches above the ground - use the jacks for that. You may need the spade to dig around the corners where you are going to put the jacks. The uplfting is needed so you can insert boards or pipes under the shed which will be used for moving.

Moving A Shed Using Long Pipes

This method is most appropriate if you are going to move the shed only on a small distance and of course only within your own garden. The main advantage is that you will not need a car neither you'll need to install wheels under the shed.

Here is how moving on pipes work: Put 3 long and robust pipes under the shed at equal distance from each other. Start pushing or pulling the shed slowly rolling it on the pipes. When the third pipe is left behind the building, it still has two pipes to keep it up without falling. Move the backward pipe on the front and go on.

Obviously this method is slow and not approrpiate in every occasion but it's perfect for moving just a little.

Moving A Shed Using A Vehicle

If you need to move the shed at entirely new location, you'll need a slightly different setup. Once you have lifted the building up, install long boards or pipes under it and tie them to the shed. Then you can either put wheels under the entire construction or uplift it on a trailer.

If you don't have a traler and choose the wheels method, make sure that the shed is well hooked to the car with a quality rope.

Get on the car and drive carefully dragging your shed to the new location.

Moving a shed is not a rocket science but it still takes time and may cost you some money. Make sure the operation is really worth it. There are many affordable outdoor sheds available and moving a hut that's almost falling apart does not make sense.

User comments:

Rodin at Nov, 21 '09 22:26
Thanks for this detailed set of ideas. I need to move a PVC shed off the wooden platform because my handyman forgot to level the platform and the swinging doors don't shut properly..
The pipe method is just perfect for this...I can use this to move the shed off and then back on this way. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share.
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Bob at Apr, 13 '10 18:22
Thanks Rodin, hope you have moved your shed without a problem!
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DR at Apr, 25 '11 00:05
Would you have a suggestion how to move a 10ft X 8ft shed up over a 4ft chain link fence. There is a 10ft fence on the back of property with the parking lot of an apartment complex.
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Bob at Nov, 23 '11 08:53
Is there a way to open the fence temporary? If not, I think you'll either need a crane to lift it above the fence, or to disassemble it first.
Reply to this comment

Bob at Nov, 23 '11 09:15
Is there a way to open the fence temporary? If not, I think you'll either need a crane to lift it above the fence, or to disassemble it first.
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