The Top 11 Shed Improvements from Instructables

This is a collection of interesting and useful guides for improving your shed. From the electricity to shelving, these guides will give you tons of ideas and step by step instructions. Have a look:

1. Add window to a shed

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This great and very detailed guide will show you how to add a cheap window to your shed. The author's budget is $100 and although he doesn't follow building codes and does not aim for good insulation, his window looks really professional.

2. How to wire a shed for electricity

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Most sheds are built as additions to the house and are not planned from the beginning. Because of this most sheds aren't wired to the home electricity system. But having electricity in the shed is important for lighting and for powering power tools in the workshop. This guide will show you how to wire your shed like a pro.

3. Building a shed elevator

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If you have a narrow and high shed like the author, the solution from this guide will come handy. It will give you a lot more usable space. I would even consider something like this when building or purchasing new shed because it could save valuable garden acreage.

4. Installing magnetic shed tools organizer kit

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This is something all of us, shed owners want. A way to organize the growing number of tools in a better way. This organized is good enough to store screwdrivers, hammers, saws, and so on.

5. Multi-row hanger for gardening tools

Multi-row hanger by // at Instructables

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This simple and elegant solution will work with all tools that have T - handle. I can't use it because most of the tools sold here don't have such handles. But maybe it will be good for you.

6. Storing garden tools with style (aka Zombiewall)

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This is a very simple and neat solution. It's more fun than practical unless you leave in a very safe area where no one would steal your garden tools. A great idea for sure.

7. Make a cheap fold-down workbench

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With the limited space in each garden shed solutions are this are always wanted. This workbench uses almost no space when folded and is good enough when stand up. Well done.

8. Garden tool rack

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Garden tools are within the things that occupy most space in the shed. At the same time they are used pretty often so you can't put them in a hard to reach place. So no surprise we are selecting here a third guide on building garden tools storage.

9. Overhead Bookcase

Overhead bookcase by nikolardo at Instructables

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This is a truly great idea for using the unusable under-the-roof space that most sheds have. I wouldn't probably put my most valuable books this way due to the risk of leaks. But for any books that are not so important (but you can't throw them away), this is a great solution.

10. Make sliding barn doors using skateboard wheels

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Last year we decided in favour of regular shed door vs sliding door exactly due to the lack of good wheels. Had I seen this guide back then who knows, we might have decided elsewhere. A really good solution!

11. Modular wood storage

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You can apply this in your shed too. Store cold-hardy crops, jars, or any kind of stuff in boxes using this kind of storage shelves. Simple and cheap.

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