15 Cute Chicken Coops

Outdoor sheds are often used as chicken coop. You don't really need to do much - in most cases you just need to clean the shed, to ensure there is a window and to install feeder and water dispenser. No surprise so many people convert ready sheds into chicken coops - it's so easy!

Here we have collected some nice and cute chicken coops - some of them are converted sheds, while others are built and planned as coops from the beginning.

Chicken Coop

A great combination of micro-shed and "outdoor" area. And takes so little space in the backyard!

Small chicken coop
by HA! Designs
This one is made from scratch - very small and functional.

The Chatfield Chicken Coop

Why not? A chicken coop made of bricks.

chicken coop
As you can see in the comments (when you click on the image) these folks are not at all professional coop builders. And yet their one looks really really cool.

Chickens and the Coop

This is an old one but it's so alive: chicken are everywhere, make me want to be with them on the grass too ;)

man door on the mobile chicken coop

And this one is mobile! It can be a very wise decision if you have not decided where your coop should be from the beginning. The same concept could be applied to small storage sheds, unless you want to have to move them like this.


Check also this and this image. They show very well how a standard out of the box shed is converted into a chicken coop.

Chicken barn
Simple construction, it's again just a shed. But painted nicely.

Finished Coop

Here is a very different construction - this is definitely planned and built as a coop. I think chicken will be very happy sleeping inside because they can see the stars :)


And while we are on unique stuff, what would you say about this, eh?

The servants entrance

While this coop isn't very special itself, the picture is rather impressive.

Green Acres 013

Loved the colors here. I'm not sure I would put such a red one in my backyard, but at least on a picture it looks pretty cool.

Roof Complete, With Eaves

I'm not sure if this one is planned to stay above the ground, on legs. It might be a wise idea especially in colder or humid places.


Kids often find playing in or around the chicken coop quite a fun. Just teach them not to disturb the chickens.

chicken coop!

I like this DYI chicken coop. Maybe this pictrue is showing its construction better.

Which one do you like most?

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