15 Delicious Root Cellar Pics: Are You Ready To Store Your Food?

Last year we made a really simple root cellar as an experiment. I was shocked by its great performance. Carrots can stay there for months. We picked up our turnips in November and yesterday (April 28th) I found a couple of turnips forgotten under the Jerusalem artichoke - still in great condition! Imagine what you could do with something more advanced than this.

But let's leave the detailed information on root cellars for another post. Today I'd like to share with you 15 nice photos of cellars accross the world. After seeing them you'll probably start reading on the topic just like I did.

You can click on each picture to see it larger and get all the details for the photo.

1. Finnish Potato Cellar

Abandoned potato cellar in Finland

If they can store potatoes in the cold Finland, why wouldn't you be able to do it?

2. In The Mountain

Root cellar at a hilly place

Somewhere in the mountain people have used the hilly terrain to build a small root cellar.

3. Small Shed-Like Root Cellar

Small Shed-Like Root Cellar

This is a small bricks or stone building partly dug in the ground.

4. Virginia Plantation Root Cellar

Virginia Plantation Root Cellar

And this one looks great! Wood pellets on top are probably there for insulation from heat and cold.

5. Stone Building in Ohio

Pike County, Ohio

Most of it is dug in the ground so it must be working pretty well in preserving the food.

6. Stone Root Cellar Winter Time

Root Cellar With Big Stones

I have no idea how did they move these huge rocks but they must be protecting well from the outside temperatures.

7. Concrete Building in Missouri

Concrete Building in Missouri

This one is very well protected - almost the entire one is in the ground. The hilly ground is well used here.

8. A Shed in The Ground

Large root cellar with wooden walls

This one looks like a shed half-buried in the ground. Looks large enough to store a lot of stuff.

9. Another Stone One From Missouri

Photo by Allen Gathman

Once again, the specifics of the terrain are used great to build this root cellar

10. Historic Root Cellar

Historic Root Cellar

This is an impressive one, turned into something like a museum.

11. Inside The Root Cellar

Where the gnomes keep their wine.

A look inside a cozy root cellar. Makes you want to spend some time there.

12. Hand-dug Root Cellar

Root cellar under the ground

Some cellars are entirely dug in the ground and you have to go down using a stair.

13. Wooden Shed Cellar

Wooden shed cellar

This is a typical wooden shed turned into a cellar. Notice the stone walls built inside it - they help to keep moderate inner temperature.

14. In Elliston, South Australia

Stone cellar

This is the typical "home made" root cellar for places like Elliston. Using the terrain and what's available. I'm sure it works pretty well.

15. Mountain Homestead Root Cellar

Root cellar door

I have no idea how this looks inside, but the door is great :)

Inspired? Do you already have a root cellar?

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