How Inexpensive Outdoor Storage Sheds Can Increase The Value Of Your Property

Do you know that home improvement projects can increase the value of your property? I bet you do, because this is a well known business model for many people. They buy a home that needs renovation, do it and then sell the home for a higher price. Typically such people renovate the kitchen, bathrooms and the facade, sometimes the roof and indoor walls.

How many of them think about building inexpensive outdoor storage sheds to increase the property value? My bet is - very few. Because most people are not creative enough.

Why don’t you build one for your home?

Inexpensive Outdoor Storage Sheds How To

There are several things to consider when planning the things with your outdoor storage sheds. Actually, you would probably want to build just one shed unless you really have a lot of space and needs sheds with different purpose.

First, it’s not good to build your outdoor shed just for the sake of having one for increasing the value of your property. This would make no sense if you are not selling or getting an appraisal for mortgage.

Even an inexpensive outdoor shed will pump the price of your home if it looks good. So if this is the main purpose for your building, the best is to choose a beautiful timber shed. Usually it’s best if the overall look of the shed matches the design of the house.

If you want to save more money, you can consider building your outdoor storage sheds yourself by using shed kits or shed plans.

Finally, the location of your new shed will place a big role in increasing the price of your home. It must be functional, visible and not to hide any part of the house when looked from the street.

How Expensive Are Inexpensive Outdoor Storage Sheds?

You may be surprised how cheap a good shed can be. You can find ready ones for less than $1,000 and kits for under than $500. If you have skilful hands and want to build entirely on your own, even $200 - $300 may be enough - you can buy only plans and materials and do it all yourself.

This small investment can increase the value of your home with $5,000 - $20,000. How does it sound?

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