Are Timber Sheds Better Than Metal Sheds?

When we plan the details in our garden we usually think about a place where to build a garden shed. How many of us also think about the material of the shed in the beginning? Most decide that in the last moment based on the model and price. But there are more important factors that should be considered before buying or building your outdoor storage shed.

Advantages Of Timber Sheds

The garden sheds that are made of wood are known for their great look. If you really want your shed to be beautiful, a timber building can hardly be beaten.

The timber sheds are also very good for isolating what’s inside from the weather conditions. The wood is a great insulator so it keeps cool air inside even in the hottest Summer days. In the Winter the temperatures inside are several degrees higher than outside without any heating.
If you want to change something on your shed, you can just get the saw and do it yourself.

Disadvantages of Timber Sheds

There are not many disadvantages of the wooden sheds. The main issue with them is their price, which sometimes can be quite high. Even if you buy a shed kit, it will be higher than the price of a plastic or metal shed.
Another problem is that your shed can become a victim of woodworms if it is not well treated against such pests.

Advantages of Metal Sheds

If you want an inexpensive outdoor storage shed, consider getting a metal one. They are very affordable for everyone. A metal shed can cost 30% - 40% less that a similar model timber shed.
Another positive thing about the outdoor storage sheds made from steel is that they are very robust. If you keep your steel shed properly it can stay intact for many years.

Disadvantages of Metal Sheds

Unfortunately the steel sheds don’t look as good as the timber ones. They are typically used for storing garden tools and other stuff, but you would never see someone taking rest in his metal shed.
Another reason for that is metal’s high conductivity. In a hot day the temperature in such a shed can become very high especially if it is not in shady place. In the Winter it’s freezing inside and can even be dangerous to touch the steel with hand.

As you can see both types of sheds have their positive and negative sides. Carefully examine each of them before taking your decision to buy.

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