Customize Your Storage Shed

There are thousands of shed designs available on the market. You would think everyone would be able to find exactly the garden shed they dream about. But the truth is people have even more ideas about their yards than the shed designs available. If you are one of those creative people you may have problems finding exactly what you want.

Customizing A Ready Shed

For people who don’t have much experience in do it yourself project, don’t have much free time, or just don’t want to get their hands dirty, it’s most recommended to purchase pre-built outdoor storage sheds or at least shed kits.

What can be done to customize such storage shed? Here are few ideas:

  • Painting. Putting your custom paint is a great way to give uniqueness to your outdoor storage shed. If you have fantasy, you could combine different colors, drawings and more.
  • Isolation. If you are planning to store expensive items or things like food in your shed, you may improve it by adding custom isolation. Doing this is very popular for people who use their sheds as greenhouses.
  • Customize around the shed. The pre-built sheds don’t allow you to change much in the shed itself. But you can customize the things around it - the pathways, the vegetation around it and many more. Imagine what a great combination you could achieve with a good timber shed, a pergola and beautify green pathway to it.

If that is not enough, maybe you are one of those people that prefer to do things themselves. If so, read below.

Customizing Shed Plans

The best option for people like you is to buy shed plans, preferably online, and build the storage shed yourself. The plans usually come with instructions what materials should be used, but here is the first place where you could be creative. Once you have the plans, you can use them for almost any other material - of course, with small adjustments.

Working with plans gives you one more advantage about customizing your shed. You can just make adjustments to the plans and see how the shed would look before you actually do anything. That’s why I suggested you to use downloadable plans and not paper ones. You can find the ones I like most here. Using a design software you can see how your adjustments will effect the shed without wasting any materials!

Design Your Own Shed

Of course, the most straightforward way to the shed you dream about is to design it yourself entirely from scratch. If you have never done any sketches and never worked with software like AutoCad, you will need first to learn how to do that.

If you already have more experience, be careful about several common mistakes that enthusiasts do when designing their first shed:

  • Don’t forget the costs. People who want to design their dream shed often do wonders in the software design programs and then realize the shed is too big or too hard to build in the real world. Don’t forget that there are materials and actual work involved in building your shed - a design may look great on the screen, but can you really implement it?
  • Match the design of your house. You may be very creative when doing your design but if it is not compatible with your existing house and yard, that will be waisted effort. Of course sometimes you can achieve great result by making the outdoor storage shed stand out with different design, but that requires much more experience and talent in design than most people have.
  • Functionality is most important. Of course your outdoor storage shed must be beautiful but don’t forget that the most important is its functionality. When designing, think well what you are going to store in your shed, are you going to stay there yourself and where it will be placed.

Outdoor storage sheds give everyone the ability to customize them to their needs. Just decide what level of customization you need and go ahead with some of the options I suggested above.

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