Types Of Outdoor Storage Sheds

Is it time to place an outdoor shed in your garden? Don’t be in a rush to get the first one before you learn more about the different types of outdoor storage sheds. The main characteristics of the sheds depend on the material used, the shape of the shed and how much “finished” it is.

The Different Shed Materials

The factor which probably has the most importance for the outdoor storage shed’s quality is the material used for building it. If the shed is built with low quality materials chances are it will be of low quality too.

The metal outdoor storage sheds are cheap and robust but rare look as good as the timber sheds. The later are more expensive, but are very beautiful and are excellent for green houses. There are many outdoor sheds made of plastic or fibreglass. In most cases they combine the positives of the metal sheds and wooden ones.

Sometimes you can see sheds made of bricks, panels, rammed earth or even straw.

Types Of Sheds Depending On The Purpose

The outdoor garden sheds may have different purpose. Most people just want to store tools and stuff inside, that’s why we most often call them storage sheds.
However, you could want your shed to serve your kids as a green house or a house for games. Many other people use the sheds as a green office.

The purpose of the shed often will determine the material and the shape as well. If you want to use the building just to store things, you can go with cheap and tall metal shed. If your target is a green house or office, then wooden will be best.

Shed Kits, Shed Plans And Finished Sheds

I have written about this before. Most people don’t purchase ready sheds because there is not enough variety, transportation is harder and the price is higher. That’s why the most preferred way for buying outdoor storage sheds is as shed kits.

The kits require some work on your side. Usually it’s going to take few days to build a shed by using a kit. But the huge advantage to select between many models of sheds and buy even overseas is well worth it.

Some enthusiasts like to build shed entirely on their own. They just buy shed plans and materials and start working. Building a shed this way can be a long process if you have no experience with do it yourself projects. For someone who knows what they are doing it’s a one week work in most cases. If you choose this route, I can recommend this online shed plans store, because they have good variety and decent prices.

Getting a shed is not a big deal and you don’t need to spend months planning. But at least you should make sure that you know about the different types of outdoor storage sheds before going further and purchasing or building one.

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Alex Quinn at Jun, 21 '12 12:26
Very interesting. I just had a american barn put up to hold my horses and I thought I would have enough space to use it as a shed / garage as well, but I don't. Never thought of actually buying a shed kit and putting it together myself. Considering it would save money I might have to take a hammer to this project! Also, do you happen to have a twitter page that I could follow?
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