How To Use Portable Storage Sheds

Portable Shed
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Installing an outdoor shed of wood usually requires building a shed foundation. The standard metal storage sheds are a bit simpler to install but are also fixed on their position.

What if you don't know which will be the best place for your shed or you will be changing your place often? Of course there is a solution for this situation.

The Portable Storage Sheds

Most portable sheds aren't much different than the standard static ones. They are usually made of steel and have a robust floor which allows using them without the need to build foundations.

Note that some companies call their sheds portable, but what they mean is that they'll bring it to your place. This isn't really what you want. You want a shed that can actually be moved without breaking apart even after a couple of years staying at the same place.

Requirements For Portable Sheds

The main characteristic of the quality portable storage building is the strong construction. If your shed is going to be placed once and never moved, you can afford to save some steel or joists. But if the shed is going to be moved 2-3 or more times, it has to be very stable.

Obviously the smaller the shed is, the easier it is to move. If your storage needs are small you can decide instead of steel shed, to get a plastic one. The small plastic ones are strong enough to survive moving.

Having a large portable shed requires a different approach - and we are getting back to the metal buildings. The best choice in such situation is to choose a knockdown shed that can be pulled with a car and easily mount again when needed.

Moving Your Portable Shed

Most of the tips below are common sense, but so many people forget about them:

  • Never move a shed without emptying it first. It's going to be not only much heavier but also unstable and can get broken.

  • Before disassembling a large portable shed, make sure you keep the assembling manual with you. One good way to ensure you will not lose it is to scan it and mail it to yourself.

  • When moving a large shed make sure you are not exceeding the permitten weight for your driving license.

  • Ask someone for help even when moving a small plastic portable shed. It may be light, but it wouldn't be handy for catching so you can easily lose hold of it.

Finally, don't forget that portable storage sheds usually cost more than the equivalent static sheds. If you don't think you'll ever need to move it, save your money.

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