Roof Pitch Calculator

The roof pitch measures the steepness of your shed roof and typically takes values from 1 to 12. If your roof pitch is greater than 3 your roof is considered pitched. Read more about roof pitch at Wikipedia.

This free roof pitch calculator will take your roof width (see the picture) and rise (the height of the roof) and will calculate the roof pitch both as numeric value and as a degree.

Optionally you can use it as roof cost calculator if you also happen to know the average cost per square foot in your area.

If you are a webmaster, click here to read how to download and install this calculator on your website.

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Roof Pitch Calculation
Area/Cost Calculation (optional)

By Shed Builder

Roof pitch measurements visualized

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Are You a Webmaster?

This roof pitch calculator is a simple PHP script, so if your web host runs PHP (99% do), you can use it. First, you need to download it:

Download Here (2 KB)

Then upload it to your web host. You can create a folder for it, or just place it in the root folder of your site. Create a PHP page, include any text, images, ads and content you want to be displayed on it. Then in the place where you want to calculator to appear, just place this code:


That's all you need to do. Note that in case you place the script in a folder you will need to change the relative path to it in the "require" statement.

Joomla Module

God news if you are running Joomla!™ Now this calculator is also available as Joomla Extension (module) called RoofPitcher. Version 1.1 can be installed from this link.