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Some other DIY projects that will be interesting for someone with a backyard.

See how to build a cold frame, sunspace, pergola, and more.

Build Your Own Sunroom

Here is an entire site dedicated to building your own sunroom/sunspace. With pictures and really good details


DIY Low Tech Cold Frame

Simple cold frame

A cold frame built with plywood. A really simple and cheap project.

The guy uses cheap plastic, framed with timber laths for the cover.

Go here to see it

How To Build a Cold Frame

Cold frames work similar to greenhouses with some limitations. The advantage is that they are simpler to build and maintain.

See a guide by DIYNetwork.

How to Build a Backyard Pergola: Simple DIY Woodworking Project Read more: How to Build a Pergola - DIY Building a Pergola - Popular Mechanics

A simple square backyard pergola. Excellent guide by Popular Mechanics.

See yourself.