DIY Projects: Pavilions and Workshops

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Pavilions and gazebos are simple constructions and good for your first DIY project.

We have selected a couple of workshop projects as well - because if you are a shedbuilder, you would definitely need a place to build things.

Building a 10'x12' workshop

Building workshop

A couple of folks built a 10' X 12' workshop shed in 10 weekends.

The cost of this workshop went up to $1,000. The project is very well documented with photos from every stage/weekend.

Check it out


Building a workshop from scratch

This instructable is about building a workshop in existing basement. So it's not about buildding a workshop shed or garage but about shelves, workshop table etc. It's still interesting - to build a shed you'd need a workshop too.

Go to the instructable.

On the Making of Your Own Pavilion

John's guide to build a tent/pavilion. The author recommends to get the The Pavilion Book if you really want to start building. I think the guide is good enough to decide if you want to build a pavilion or not.

Visit the link to decide yourself.

How To Build A Gazebo Or Pavilion - 12 Free Plans

Gazebo plans

A collection of 12 free gazebo plans.

This is not a specific project but a good collection of 12 free plans to build a wooden gazebo.

Go grab the plans