DIY Projects: Shed Improvements

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Projects to improve and enhance your shed - wiring, adding ramps, shelves etc.

You can look here if your shed is already built. Most of these things are really easy to do yourself even if you have purchased a complete shed.

Shed Ramp Ideas: and How To Build a Shed Ramp

This is our article about shed ramps. There is a detailed graphic showing the components of a typical wooden ramp.

Take a look here.



Sometimes solar isn't the best solution, for example in cloudy days or if you want to work in your shed in the evening.

Extreme how to explains how to wire your shed with many pictures.


DIY Network explains how to install solar panel over your shed for light and tool powering. There's not many details but there are good pictures.

See here.

Garden Supplies Organized in the Shed

Garden tools organized

Sandy has organized her garden tools in the shed with a lot of great taste.

This isn't "how to build shelves" project, it's more how to organize and enhance your shelving. I highly recommend you to visit the blog before building your shelves, it will give you a lot of ideas.

Check it out!.

Build your own garage shelf for under $30.

These are budget shelves made of wood. The autor has taken good pictures showing the construction.

Go to the blog post.

Project Shed: Shelving - You need plenty.

Here is a short page with pictures of metal shelves on a steel shed. It's a good idea with labeled boxes that help you to find your stuff easier.

Go here to see it - there are also other interesting projects on the site.

Building Storage Shelves

Home Shelving Guide

This whose site is dedicated to shelving. On this page you can follow some advice to build storage shed shelves.

The page discussed the materials to use and gives few links to other guides.

See the page here.

Storage Shed Ramp - A Great Weekend DIY Project

Anoher shed ramp guide, basic, and with some photos.

Visit the page here.

Shed Ramp

This project adds a shed ramp to existing shed. Nothing fancy here, just a stable wooden shed ramp with pictures.

View the guide here. Check also our shed ramp diagram.