DIY Projects: Repair and Maintenance

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Projects and guides for waterproofing, repairing entire sheds, or doors, shelves etc.

If you have repaired your old shed, we'll be happy to hear about your experience.

Shed door repair guide

Find out how to repair a shed door.

And if it's too damaged maybe you'll prefer just to build a completely new one.


How do i water proof my garden shed?

water proofing shed

This is another discussion, this time about water proofing.

The page is overloaded with ads so scroll down to find the suggestions given by users.

Follow this link.

Repairing and old shed

This forum discussion raises some interesting issues

Sometimes it may be better to salvage some materials and build entirely new shed rather than repairing a damaged old one.

How to clean and repair your garden shed

Again a basic bunch of advice but this time with some good pictures.

See the tips here.

How to Repair a Wooden Shed

Repairing wooden shed

A basic guide about wooden shed repair.

Covers cleaning, repairing damages, and protecting from further damages.

The guide is here.