DIY Projects: Shed Roofs

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Most sheds have gable roof or shed roof. But there are more types of roofs and sometimes more complex ones can come handy for your shed.

Pay special attention to roof insulation - you don't want water leaks inside the shed.

Roof framing basics

These folks have build a very pitched roof. It's good to prevent from leaks and does not keep too much snow.

Visit the post here.


Another Shed Roof Guide

This project has even better pictures and details. It's still a low pitch gable roof but with slighty different construction of the rafters.

Here's the link.

How To Build a Shed Roof

Shed roof guide

The Shedking builds a typical gable style shed roof.

It's the same type of roof that we have covered here but has some small differences and details that we don't have.

Go to Shedking.

Replacing Shed Roof Felt

This guide covers removing your old roof felt and installing new one.

Check it out here.

Roof basics

Very good introduction to most kinds of roof. Although the article is about house roofs most of the information is applicable to sheds also.

See it here and don't forget you can use our pitch calculator when building your roof.