33 Of The Most Amazing Shed Pictures You Have Ever Seen

Do you need some inspiration for building, painting or just choosing a garden shed? Or maybe you just need to see the most beautiful, funny or simply amazing sheds of the others? In both cases you win :) Here are 33 excellent pictures with a bit of info. Sometimes it's not the shed itself that caught my attention but the overal impression the picture gives.

You can see most of the pictures even larger if you click on them. Enjoy! And if you believe you have a greater picture which is not included here, drop me a line.

1. Cape Cod Shed

Cape Code Shed
Photo by Chad

Hiding in the green, smells of calm fresh spring!

2. Winter Shed

Winter Shed
Photo by april

Winter makes many contructions beautiful and this is so true for outdoor sheds.

3. Shed In The Woods

Shed in the woods
Photo by Tom

This photo just makes me want to be there

4. Just Strange

I have no idea how practical is this one but it's weird for sure.

5. Lunt Fort

Lunt Fort Shed
Photo by Snowmanradio

Sometimes sheds can be very big!

6. Old, Old Shed

The sheds that the town does not talk about any more

This amazing photo is taken in Western Iceland. While it's cool, I am sure you don't want your shed to look like that.

7. Some More Mistery


While we are on deprived sheds here are two more, looking almost scary

8. And a Rail Shed

Old rail shed-01a

This isn't your typical garden shed: it's a rail wagon turned into one!

9. The Little Red Shed On The Lake

The Little Red Shed

I want there! (screaming)

10. A Boat Shed

the red (boat) shed

It's not just looking like a boat - it's indeed one

11. The Grass Is All Over


I expect this one will be fully swallowed by the vegetables...

12. Peaceful...

wood shed

The shed itself is very simple and not even closed. But the entire place is so magical.

13. Cemetery Shed

Cemetery Shed

A lovely winter building again. Looks like someone is going to show up from the door right now.

14. Old sheep shed

Old sheep shed

It's hard to believe how beautiful ruins can look sometimes...

15. Farm shed, Newville, Pennsylvania

The Leaning Shed of Hunter Road

While this is old and deprived, the design is very good and stable.

16. Construction in Alkmaar

Alkmaar, molen C with shed

This shed looks still in contruction.

17. In The Woods

Shed in Red

Almost surreal. There is some magic in placing sheds in the woods.

18. Quonset Shed


Even the big sheds can look great!

19. Nostaglia Shed

Nostaglia Shed

And this shed looks like a circus. Funny!

20. More Boat Sheds

Lindisfarne boat sheds

If you live near water, boat sheds could be a great option.

21. Seasoned Wooden Shed

Wooden Shed

A high quality shed, now this is a thing you may want to have.

22. Canoe Shed

Canoe shed, Hale‘iwa Elementary School

Did you know that sheds can be like this too?

23. Beauty in The Garden

The Garden Shed

This little jelew is already too old, but still shines.

24. 72 and a half

72 and a half

I just used the original photographer title for this one. Plain amazing!

25. Barn and Shed

Barn and Shed

A wonderful combination!

26. A Funny Boat Shed

Boat Shed
Photo by David Wright

We saw few boat sheds already but this one is really funny!

27. And More Funny Boats

upturned boat shed Lindisfarne

These look abandoned but I'd love to have them.

28. Amazing Winter Landscape

Winter Sheds
Photo by bern161616

It's just a simple red shed, but the photo is awesome.

29. Come to The Water!

Water Shed
Photo by crumpet

No comment!

30. And Again... In The Water

boat shed?

I'm not sure whether this one was placed there intentionally?

31. The Shed Of The Future

Daniels Shed

Of course the title is a joke. But what else to say when the sign on the building says 2020 :)

32. Shed and Silo

Shed and Silo

Once again this is a shed you don't really want to own, but the picture is awesome!

33. Hip Roof Shed

Thatched hip roof with shed dormer, Hida Folk Village, Hida Takayama

Sometimes shed roofs can look like this, especially in Japan!

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