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A superior collection of more than 70 resources that will guide you through the entire process of building a shed: planning, preparation, base building, drawings, walls, doors, windows, roof, finishing and painting, and more...

The Most Complete Shed Types List, Period!

Sheds play far more important part in out life than you may possibly think. No, they are not only those small wooden buildings that some gardeners use to store stuff inside. They are outside and inside, made of wood, metal or plastic, used for store household items, materials, tools, stuff, used for backyard offices, workshops, greenhouses, bike garages, wardrobes...
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Your Shed In The Winter - How To Keep It And What To Keep Inside

Snow, cold, rain, wind - these are the four enemies of the garden furniture during the cold season. Even if you live in area where it doesn't snow and the temperatures don't go too low (you lucky), you still need to think about your furniture and especially the shed.
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Woodworking Basics - You Need To Know This When Building a Shed

Don't start building a shed from scratch before you have read this article. Woodworking might not be a rocket science, but it still require knowledge and skills. And once you know enough, it's much more pleasure when you start work.
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Types Of Sheds And Barns For Your Garden

This article will present you the most common types of outdoor sheds and barns depending on material, purpose and the way you build them. The article is appropriate for beginners who want to know how to build a shed but also may consider buying a ready one.
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Vinyl Garden Sheds - How To Choose And How To Build

Some more experienced shed builders already know about the advantages of the vinyl/plastic garden sheds. The article goes deeper into the matter and introduces you to some important questions you need to ask yourself before buying such a storage building. There are also reviews of several most popular types of vinyl outdoor sheds.
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Metal Storage Sheds And Kits

We talk so much about building a shed yourself and everyone assumes it's all about wooden sheds. No, it's not. Metal sheds are also good, there are also kits for them and you can even build one entirely on your own.
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How To Use Portable Storage Sheds

Installing an outdoor shed of wood usually requires building a shed foundation. The standard metal storage sheds are a bit simpler to install but are also fixed on their position.
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Is Buying Cheap Storage Sheds a Wise Desicion?

Trying to save money? I have some ideas to share with you. In this article you will learn when it is good idea to buy cheap storage sheds and what other money saving options you have.
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