How To Build A Shed Using A Kit?

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I guess since you are on this site you are not interested in purchasing a ready pre-made garden shed. You have at least a little passion and skills to do things yourself. And that's great. Besides saving some money, doing things yourself brings a lot of fun and fulfillment.

The garden sheds are simple constructions but still require a bunch of knowledge, skills and some amount of work to be built from scratch. For people with intermediate level of knowledge and passion about "doing yourself" one of the best options is building their shed using a shed kit.

What Is A Shed Kit?

Have you ever played with Lego? The idea behind shed kits is similar. They are sets of parts which need to be assembled together in order to build the final shed. Shed kits also contain detailed plans and instructions of the building process. Some kits will include also the paint and a gum. The tools needed are not included however.

A typical shed kit can contains parts of wood, metal, plastic or any other material that will be used to build the shed. The wooden kits are probably most popular because most do-it-yourself enthusiasts prefer to work with wood rather than metal or plastic.

How Much Time Does It Take To Build My Shed With A Kit?

Depending on the complexity of the design a well created and documented shed kit may take you just a day or even less to build. Some very complex sheds may take 2 - 3 days especially if you are not experienced DIY craftsman.

That's less compared to building a shed from scratch with shed plans - a week or two. And if you decide to go by your own plans, creating, measuring and calculating could take another 1-2 weeks.

By all means building shed with a kit is the fastest do-it-yourself option.

How Much Do Shed Kits Cost?

Prices of the kits hugely vary depending on the size and complexity. A simple arrow shed kit can cost from few hundreds to a thousand dollars. There are plenty of such shed kits available at The Betty Mills Store.

The kits used for building more complex and beautiful shed can exceed $2,000 - $3,000. Some of those barn buildings however can be even used for living or as guest-houses.

Common Mistakes People Do With Shed Kits

Buying a shed kit is not a big investment but you should still spend your funds wisely. Some people buy shed kits driven purely by emotion and because they like the design instead of choosing kit that suits their need.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a shed kit:

  • The bigger sheds look great and can serve for a lot of things, but are you sure there is enough space for it in your garden? Consider the space in your yard before buying.
  • Some shed kits are very cheap, but are they of good quality. Don't risk to buy a low quality shed kit trying to spare $100 or $200. But only from reputable suppliers like The Betty Mills Store.
  • Building a shed from kit is easy, that's why many people rush the things when doing it. Carefully plan where to put your shed, avoid wet or too hot places in your backyard.
  • Some builders are so excited that they think just looking at the parts of the shed kit is enough for building it. The plans and instructions are for you to read them. They may contain some specific information which should not be overlooked. Don't skip reading the manual.

There are hundreds of affordable shed kits available on the market. If you want an easy and cost effective solution for building a garden shed, then go with a kit. If having fun and gaining knowledge is more important for you, then maybe you will prefer to build a shed using only plans.

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What Else:

1. Important: Even with most shed kits you will still need to build a foundation for your shed.

2. Shed kits purchased online can be returned in 7 days according to the law in most countries - just like you could do with every other internet purchase.

3. Don't fully unpack your kit before you actually start assembling the shed. The parts will be better protected in the original package.