Six Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor Storage Sheds

Buying outdoor storage shed is not some minor purchase that you do every month. Sure, it’s not like buying a house and you hopefully will not need to get a mortgage for that. But it’s still a purchase that requires careful planning. Here are several very important things to consider when doing that:

1. Do the designs match?

I guess you are not building a shed on an empty plot, so when choosing the design of the shed, don’t forget how your existing house looks like. The most common practice is to choose an outdoor storage shed that looks similar in design to the house. Sometimes however people choose a shed design which supplements the design of the garden and house. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t look at the design of the shed as something isolated, but instead picture it along with the other buildings around it.

2. The shed price

I didn’t put this at first place, but clearly it’s a very important thing. You should balance between price and quality so you buy a quality storage shed without going broke. Most “standard” outdoor storage sheds do not exceed few thousands dollars in price. If your budget is lower, you may think about buying a shed kit.

3. Shed material

The material which is used in producing the shed determines a lot of the quality measures and of course the price. I recommend you to check the timber sheds vs metal sheds article before taking decision on the material.

4. The Size

Of course bigger sheds cost more, but the most important thing is your shed to meet your need. So first decide about the shed’s purpose and then calculate what size will be enough for you. If you are going to just store things inside, a tall and narrow shed will do a great work and will come cheaper. If you plan to use your shed as a greenhouse, you’d better plan your funds for a large wooden shed.

5. Ready shed or a kit?

If you are handy, like to build things yourself, want to save money and want to have bigger choice of outdoor storage shed designs, you may prefer to buy a kit. It takes some time to build a shed from kit, but that’s a cheaper and more creative way to obtain such a building.
Some people go as far as just buying shed plans and doing everything themselves. This is an option only for these who like and know how to build things themselves.

6. The place of your shed

The choice of the shed design and size depends also on where you are going to place it in your garden. Of course, if there is no much space there, you should select a small and tall shed. On the other hand, if the shed is going to be situated under a tree or electricity cables, it can’t be too tall. If there is a lot of Sun on the shed’s place you’d better select a timber one. If there is a lot of water - prefer a plastic shed. I think you got the idea.

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