Building a storage shed yourself

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I hope you have taken in consideration the advice from the previous part of this course and have carefully thought about your storage shed location. It's important to do that before building your shed - as moving it too many times won't be such a fun (however if you definitely need to move the shed, don't worry - they are all pretty portable!).

The best way to build a storage shed is by purchasing a kit. It saves time and money and you'll get a professional stable shed. We will talk about building a shed from a kit in the next part.

Now, if you feel ready for adventures and like to build things entirely on your own, go ahead. You still need to buy a shed plan so you know what to build. I recommend you buying instant download plans from as they have big variety and very affordable prices.

Choose a design which suits your home. Make sure it can be colored appropriately and the shed space and dimensions will fit the space dedicated for it.

When you choose a plan and download it, open it and check the dimensions to calculate what kind of materials and what size you are going to need.

Basically you are just building a box, so it really won't be hard. You may need first to create the floor - either concrete or wooden. Then just follow the instructions in the plan. At this time you will need quality tools to work on your wood, metal or plastic, depending on the material you have chosen.

Building a shed on your own requires some basic sense of geometry, carpentry skills, time and patience.
With good plans however, it can be a lot of fun.

Once you've done it successfully you'll be able to continue with more challenging projects.

If you are looking on the more practical side, you want to save time and money and still have a great storage shed, you should go with purchasing a shed kit. I'll tell you more about this in the next part!

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