The Economical Storage Shed

Is your outdoor shed going to empty your pocket? It’s possible if you want a luxury one or make mistakes when choosing it. For most people it’s unlikely to go broke because of buying a shed. But still it’s a serious expense and if you are in shortage you may need to delay your shed in the time.

…Or do you have another option?

Sure, you can have an economical storage shed. But how? Let me share some ideas:

Build Yourself

One of the best way to save a lot of money is to build your outdoor storage shed yourself. Of course if you choose this route you will trade money for time and efforts. But most people who have built their sheds will tell you it’s more fun than efforts - and I would agree with that.

You can find economical plans, pick materials and even use ones from an old shed. If you have the basic woodworking tools (assuming you are going to build a wooden shed), you should have no problem to get your small garden building up there in a week or two.

If you want to know more, read how to build a garden shed.

Get A Small Steel Shed

This is what most people on budget do. They just go and pick the cheapest shed they can find - usually those are small 4×4 feet steel sheds. This is an acceptable option - finally you will have a shed for just few hundred bucks. If you just want to store some things out there, it’s fine.

However I am not a big fan of this idea. The shed may be a simple building, but it’s still a building. Moving and replacing are time and money consuming actions and are you sure you will still like this shed few years later? Chances are you will need a bigger one or will at least want it a better looking. So, unless you are in a hurry to have a shed and are very short in money (and cannot build yourself), better don’t buy the smallest and cheaper one.

Spend More Time Researching And Less Money Buying

It sounds very simple and yet most people skip doing it and rush into buying the first shed they liked. There is a huge difference between the prices of the sheds, the quality and the design. A careful research will let you pick the optimal shed for you.

It’s very important to know that some shed are designed to be economical. They may be better in storage and functionality than other more expensive sheds, but still be cheaper. This is possible, because they are designed with less bells and wishes but also less waste of materials. The construction of such sheds is simpler therefore they are easier for building for the producers, which leads to the lower price.

So if you want an economical shed but still want it good and functional, the best thing to do is to find plans for economical sheds (such plans will let you build easier and with no material waste) and built it yourself. Are you game?

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