Vinyl Garden Sheds - How To Choose And How To Build

The vinyl garden sheds are the practical alternative to the more complex and high maintenance wood storage sheds. They usually don't look as beautiful but do exactly what they need to do and save you money and time. As everything made of plastic, the vinyl storage sheds don't rust or rot and are quite easy to assemble together and install. Very often the small vinyl garden sheds come preassembled which saves you the time and hassle to build the shed yourself.

One huge advantage of the vinyl storage buildings is that they keep relatively stable indoor temperature. They don't bake the stuff inside when the sun is strong and don't freeze like metal garden sheds.

Before You Buy A Vinyl Garden Shed

If you are planning to buy a vinyl storage shed, there are several things to consider:

  • Ensure you are buying the right size. Don't rely on your eyeballs, but calculate the volume and see if it does the work for you.

  • Are you getting the best price? The lower end of vinyl garden sheds start from $300 - $500. If you just need a small storage, don't pay more. And don't forget that similar sized steel or metal sheds will cost more.

  • Do you need a building permit? In most places such will not be required for a vinyl shed, but it's recommended that you check in your city or town first.

If you need a larger garden shed and still prefer to use vinyl - because of its excellent price, long live and robustness - you may find a lot of great kits to build from.

Some Good Vinyl Garden Sheds

Below I have reviewed few good garden sheds made of vinyl. You can see what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type. If you want to buy some of the listed ones, go ahead, they are pretty well selected.

Garade Sheds - Duramax Vinyl Garage 10'x31'

The garage vinyl sheds can replace the garage in your garden or just free it up from the stuff that doesn't belong there. They are really large and worth every penny they cost. This Duramax vinyl shed is reinforced with metal inserted columns and is more stable than many similar sheds. It can sustain all kind of weather conditions including loads of snow.
This shed is not cheap but is currently on hot sale. If you need a cheaper solution, this one is half size (but still large enough) and around 60% cheaper

Complete Deluxe Sheds - Duramax Betty Mills 10' X 10' Vinyl Shed Deluxe

If you want a vinyl garden shed that looks cute and still stores a lot of stuff, but doesn't take so much space in your backyard, you need a complete deluxe storage with doors and window. Assuming you aren't going to use it as a garage, a 10' x 10' shed should be more than sufficient. This one costs just a little above $1,000 and offers plenty of storage space along with a foundation kit crafted of galvanized metals. Click here for more info.

Budged Vinyl Coated Sheds - Vinyl Milford

If the large garden sheds made entirely from vinyl are expensive for you, you can consider buying a vinyl coated shed. For example this Vinyl Melford model costs well under $900 and is larger than the complete deluxe reviewed above. The main reason for that is it's made of steel and is only vinyl coated. That doesn't make it worse at all - the shed is beautiful, durable and robust. Learn more here or visit our store for more similar sheds.

Budged Vinyl Coated Sheds - Vinyl Dallas

This is yet another budged solution - Vinyl Dallas sheds are also steel sheds with coat which offer a lot of storage or working space for little money. For example this 10' X 8' shed costs between $600 and $700 and is large and comfortable enough to be used as a workshop.

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